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Monday, March 23, 2020


Corona virus disease is recently discovered virus is also known as COVID-19 which causes infectious diseases. It is spreading too fast all over the world. There are no exact treatment or vaccine discovered yet of this COVID-19. This virus is effecting with those who have some serious medical problem like chronic respiratory diseases, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. This COVID-19 is spreading through an infected person’s cough, sneezes or saliva droplets that discharges from nose. So everyone of us must take the prevention to protect us and our family from COVID-19. We must wash our hands properly with sanitizing soap frequently, not to touch outside open hand, we must cough in to a flexed elbow etc. Home or clinical quarantine is preventing some of this disease. More over 5,97,498 people are effected by this virus, 1,33,373 people have been recovered from the effect of this COVID-19 virus and more over 27,370 people died already all over the world and the counting of new infection in increasing day by day. This is why many country already announced of shut down themselves so that the COVID-19 can’t spread.

This fatal COVID-19 forced the global sporting world to stop their national and international any scheduled and unscheduled activities where there are any chances to spreading this virus. Tokyo Olympic 2020 is going to postponed, Saut Hermes 2020  have been cancelled, 2020 World Figure Skating Championships already cancelled, Fei world cup finals 2020 and many other annual sporting events are cancelled due to COVID-19. Most of the popular sporting events have been announced cancel for this session.

(With this many more important events are either cancelled or postponed.)
In this lock down situation, we request all the people of the world to be safe. The world health organization is giving update every time. Please follow their instruction to be safe. Keep safe yourself with your family, friends, neighbor and your country.

Some instructions for you to keep safe yourself from COVID-19 provided by World Health Organization (WHO):

# Please wash your hands frequently with the hand rub that made with alcohol or with soap thoroughly because it may kill the virus that may be on your hand and finger.

# Please maintain social distancing for at least three feet or one meter because if an infected person coughs or sneezes in front of you, they may spray small droplets from their mouth or nose that may contain COVID-19 which may effect you. So be safe about this. 

# Please avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth because out side where you are touching any surface it may transfer COVID-19 to your hand. When you are touching your eyes, mouth or nose the virus may enter in to your body and that may causes a fatal matter for you.

# Please practice respiratory hygiene like covering mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue or disposable fresh cloth when coughing or sneezing because droplets spread this virus. So follow these good respiratory hygiene with your surrounding people to prevent yourself from COVID-19.

# Please contact and follow the instructions provided to you if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Stay in your home if you feel sick. If you have a fever, cough and some difficulty breathing then in an advance seed for medical attention follow their instructions. It may help you to recover from your sickness also protect your family if you have any infection of COVID-19.

# The information about COVID-19 is now global. That means your national and local authorities have the best information about COVID-19. So stay connect with your local health authority and follow advice given by your healthcare provider.

We've collected some Advice images from WHO. Please check this and follow to be safe with your family, friends and everyone.

# Keep yourself Safe:

# Prepare yourself for Corona Virus.


# Practice some habitat to protect yourself and other from getting affected.


#  Be healthy during emergency traveling.

N.B: The images are collected from WHO website's Advice page.



  1. Nice and helpful Post. This will help many people. I hope you'll bring this type of post again. Thank you.

  2. Very Useful Post. Not only the sports lovers but also every people of the world work together in this mortality situation. We must keep safe ourselves first. World Health Organization is giving updates every time. We must follow their instruction. Though the death ration is much low but the spreading ration of this virus all over the world is very much critical. Your Post may help many people of the world specially sports lovers can find this and may take suggestion to keep themselves safe from this COVID-19 Virus. Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you very much to share this type of article. Though now a days internet brought the world in our hand, in spite of this this type of post will help many people to protect themselves. I hope you'll give further helpful post like this again. Thank you.

  4. I'm very glad to read your informational post. It is very helpful for us. Though all over the world people know about COVID-19, in-spite of this you don't give up to posting this type of helpful post. I hope and pray to Allah that may Allah Bless and help all the people around the world.

  5. It is very horrible of the increasing death rating of Coronavirus effected people all over the world. This time the graph is saying the death report is 26,853 people where before 18 hours the report was just passed 24 thousand. So please stay carefully, be safe and pray for all. Thanks.

  6. I'm very glad to see that, everyone surfs in internet are trying something about this deadly COVID-19. We are not able to fight physically with this virus. So virtually we are trying to aware people about this virus. Not only sporting event but also all the events that may cause of spreading virus are postponed or cancelled. I'm very much scared to find that the effected people all over the world are more over 600,000. Recovery rate is very slow. Death is increasing very quickly day by day. 30,300 person already dead where this post is showing 26,370 just 10 hours ago. So we should be aware of this COVID-19 and must have to follow the rules to be clean and safe ourselves. So please keep patience and be safe in your home. Thanks a lot.



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